I have a 30×30 31×31 goal/bucket/project list that I’m chipping away at – 31+ things to do by the time I turn 31. I previously ignored this list for months and finally realized I need to plan ahead if these are truly things I want to do. I’m checking in on Wednesdays, which is helping me keep track of my progress and keeping me accountable.

October Projects

Things I worked on:

  1. Reading Mansfield Park — I have about 200 pages left
  2. Watch an AFI Top 100 Movie — I watched Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. I liked the female character who was the brains behind the operation and the optimism of the new politician set up to fail by the other politicians. It was a little boring politically and more dialogue than action, but significant because it’s kind of an old school version of house of cards and one of the earlier political movies. certainly unique for its time. It’s interesting to see how politics have changed, if only in the fictional world.
  3. Continue reading Lord of the Rings — A tree tried to eat some hobbits and this dude sang to the tree to get them out. It’s gettin real. I’m on page 172 out of 529.
  4. Finish up retirement account rollover — I outsourced to my sister and I am so incredibly thankful. Seriously. I owe her big time.
  5. Work on dad’s birthday present — Talked to my mom about it. need to make a to do list with some deadlines.
  6. Do 5 year journal entries for month of October — This is still fun every month
  7. Make 3 items for Etsy shop — Working on embroidering a jacket and bought fabric for making scarves.
  8. Work on podcast ideas  — I talked to sister, who is doing the podcast with me. We need to make a to do list with deadlines.

Things I haven’t worked on

  1. Learn to make another classic cocktail
  2. Try a new Skillshare class
  3. Update blog travel for Switzerland
  4. Develop an app idea and consider putting on freelancer — because of the podcast, I’m going to bump this for now
  5. Buy a new DSLR camera
  6. Research WA cottage food laws — bumping for now
  7. Improve SEO  — bumping because #8 is similar but more fun
  8. Promote blog on Pinterest
  9. Create a Seattle food & drink spots to try list
  10. Don’t complain for 1 day

What worked: The title of the post — stop pam-MSing — is from an episode of the office where the boss, Michael, tells the receptionist Pam essentially not to PMS. Insanely rude, but if you watch the show, you might be able to find the humor. The reason i like the show is it’s satire at its best. Anyway,  I’m doing better about not stressing about being behind schedule. This makes it much more fun and much less pressure. I feel zero guilt about taking something off the list which is hugely helpful. I am  learning to enjoy the process. I think that’s really important…it’s not just the result, but also taking a minute to appreciate and enjoy how i get there. if there are parts i can make more fun i do it! If there are parts i can make easier, I also do it. If can find enjoyment, any task will be better. not every minute will be bliss, but keeping perspective on both the goal AND the journey is important to me.

That’s it for now. Warm wishes to you on this Wednesday 🙂