This is a day late, but I guess it’s better late than never, right? I have a 30×30 31×31 goal/bucket/project list that I’m chipping away at – 31+ things to do by the time I turn 31. I previously ignored this list for months and finally realized I need to plan ahead if these are truly things I want to do. I’m checking in on Wednesdays, which is helping me keep track of my progress and keeping me accountable.

October Projects

Things I Worked on or Finished:

  1. Continue reading Lord of the Rings — I’ve only read a few more pages. Still plugging away. I took it to work so I can read it on breaks.
  2. Update blog travel — uploaded a lot of photos, working on descriptions
  3. Work on podcast ideas  — made a lot of progress. Need to do some recording, get some music, and finish the art
  4. Bought a new DSLR camera — so excited to use it!
  5. Promote blog on Pinterest – made a few pins, but need to do more
  6. Complete 5 year journal entries for month of October
  7. Create a Seattle food & drink spots to try list – still a work in progress, but you can find it here. Let me know if you have any suggestions
  8. Watch an AFI Top 100 Movie — I watched Lawrence of Arabia and am working on Dr. Strangelove
  9. Finish up retirement account rollover — Mostly done. Just a few last pieces to check on.
  10. Work on dad’s birthday present — Talked to my mom about it. I need to make a to do list with some deadlines.
  11. Make 3 items for Etsy shop — Sewed one scarf, working on another

Things I didn’t do:

  1. Learn to make another classic cocktail — I’m not drinking much these days but still want to try this
  2. Reading Mansfield Park — I have about 200 pages left
  3. Try a new Skillshare class
  4. Don’t complain for 1 day — going to skip this for now

Next month I am going to keep working on these things. I have enough going on that I don’t think taking on something new will be helpful. What worked this month was really focusing on what I want to do. For these kinds of goals, if I really don’t want to do it, what’s the point? Even if there isn’t much to report, it’s nice to have these Working on it Wednesday checkins as reminders.

That’s it for now. Warm wishes to you on this Wednesday 🙂