I stumbled across Katelin’s blog on Pinterest and found this link really useful.

How to BEAT Procrastination & SPARK Motivation

Definitely watch her video. One piece of advice she gave is to look at your tasks under the lens of what slows you down and what fires you up. Figure out how can you do more of what fires you up and less of what slows you down. It might include outsourcing things other people can do or setting time limits on  slow tasks.

Katelin also advises looking at tasks under the lens of what’s maintenance and what’s growth. For example, if something can help you further your goals, then it’s a priority. Maintaining tasks need management, but can probably get less of your attention. She describes the example of answering emails vs reaching out to prospective clients or studying a new language…whatever that task is that will move you forward.

I need to give those “firing up” and “growth” tasks my best time of day. For me, that’s night time. After 7 pm is usually when I come alive and feel most alert and creative. For you it might mean doing your firing up tasks in the morning. Just don’t do your growth tasks after lunch. I know zero people whose most productive time is after lunch. Seriously.

I also heard advice (I can’t remember where)that you should put a check mark next to things only you can do and circle things you can do easily and are good at. Put those circled and checked tasks at the top of your list and make them your priority.  See if the rest can be outsourced or bumped down to the bottom of your list.

I want to share these ideas today because they are helping me a lot as I try to work on different projects and ideas I have. It’s really hard for me to choose one to focus on.

I hope you had a wonderful Halloween and happy November 1st!