Reading over my blog, I realize I have painted somewhat of a happy-go-lucky picture of my travels thus far. This blog dances the line between an account of my semester abroad and a personal journal, but because it’s mine, I will make it whatever I want it to be, some of both. This weekend my friend from school visited me and it was so good to see a familiar face. It made me realize how much I miss my friends back home and the familiarity of people with whom I have so much in common. I plan to visit her in Ireland in two weeks, but when I saw her off I still teared up. I bought a card for my host mum on the way home, because it is mum’s day today in England. I had some difficulty hearing what the cashier was saying to me because his accent was a combination of Indian and British, there was a great deal of background noise, and I have hearing loss which makes it difficult for me to discriminate. He treated me as if I was an idiot. There is an italian coffee place on the corner by school and a similar thing happens because they have Italian accents and I have hearing problems etc. etc. The baristas there just smile at me and sometimes I laugh at myself because they use terms like “take away” and I consistently forget my punch card, so I have about three going right now. These interactions are consistently pleasant, however, whereas I came away from the card place wishing I had spent my money elsewhere. Yes they speak English but there is certainly a language barrier.

Originally published 3/2/08