I saw Les Mis tonight and it was great! The girl that played Eponine had a beautiful voice. I think she stole the show. Her voice was much better that Cosette’s though lower. I liked the fact that Eponine was probably an alto because it made her words easier to understand. It also sounded much stronger than Cosette’s sporano voice. My friends thought that you could tell she was a young singer and that she had a mannerism that was distracting, but I didn’t notice. I was generally disappointed by Cosette’s character. Not a great voice and didn’t look how I imagine Cosette would look. Another disappointing aspect was how much synthesizer was used in the music. I realize it’s difficult to change an original score of one of the longest running musicals, but some things from the 80’s were meant to be left there. One interesting scene was when Jean Valjean carries Marius through the Sewer. When I saw it at the 5th Avenue in Seattle, Marius was a very small guy and Jean Valjean was a bigger guy so he carried him over his shoulder the entire time. This production would put the two in the spotlight having Valjean carry Marius over his shoulder, then it would go dark (to show the passing of time) and reilluminate them on another part of the stage with Valjean carrying Marius like a baby and so on. Very well done. It’s interesting to see different productions of the same play because you get to see how different directors set up scenes. Another interesting thing is there were a few slow motion scenes. Very brief and well acted, but kind of weird. We got seats for $20 pounds that were in the very back row of the highest balcony. Not a bad view, though. At intermission, we got to move to the second row, can’t beat that!

Originally published 3/5/08