This is my buddy Chaz. He likes to lick my plate and eat my left overs.

I feel like I am starting to settle into London. It’s a really good feeling. I have navigated the underground system even when extremely busy, so that’s a good feeling. We have visited the British Museum (which luckily is right by school so I can pop in when I have a free hour), Hamstead Heath and the Kenwood House where a scene from Notting Hill was filmed, and the London Tower. I am taking courses on the British Empire, British Masters (art history), Shakespeare and Britain Today. All of them sound very interesting and I am excited for excursions. It’s interesting how much of American culture is here…ads for Juno, tabloids with Paris and Britney, a close following of the primaries, McDonalds (though a quarter pounder alone costs $4) and KFC, Starbucks, The Gap, Cry Me a River playing in an Italian sandwich bar, as well as M&Ms and Pringles. Some people find it irritating but in some ways I find it comforting. I was invited to go to a club, but they are staying out all night or smoke Hookah, but I am going to take it easy tonight because it takes a day for every hour or your time change, in my case 8. It’s nice to have some alone relaxing time. After a few weeks though I am sure weekend nights will be spent in pubs.

First published 2/8/08