A Brief History of Kobarid

Kobarid has been under the rule of various countries and empires throughout its history. It was under part of the Austrian-Hungarian empire until WWI, where it was the site of the Battles of Isonozo fought between Austria-Hungary and Italy. By the conclusion of WWI, the city was largely destroyed and became a part of Italy. The inhabitants were largely subject to the violent Italian Fascist movement from the 1920s until the 1940s. In 1943, amid the chaos of WWII, there was an uprising among the citizens and Kobarid became its own republic. Later that year, the Nazis claimed the city until 1945 when it was liberated by the Yugoslav People’s Army. After the war, Kobarid was paced under Allied administration until the border between Yugoslavia and Italy was established. By 1947, the border was established and several hundred Italian citizens emigrated to Italy rather than become citizens of communist Yugoslavia. In 1991, during the breakup of Yugoslavia, Kobarid became part of the independent state of Slovinia, and has been ever since.


Kobarid Museum

Our morning began with a tour of Kobarid’s WWI Museum, which was quite memorable. I have studied WWIIin depth, but can always expand the breadth of my knowledge about WWI.Kobarid Museum has received the highest national award,was proclaimed Best European Museum, and won the Council of Europe Museum Prize in 1993.The exhibits include models of the surrounding mountains, photographs, and an audiovisual presentation. The described events are related to the adventures and memories of celebrities, among whom are Ernest Hemingway and Erwin Rommel. 

A photo of the oldest and youngest members of the Austro-Hungarian army


We departed from Kobarid and drove through the Karst region to Dutovlj, where we stopped at a winery for lunch. As part of our lunch, we sampled prosciutto paired with a few of the vineyard’s wines




We departed from the winery and headed to Motovun, Croatia. After checking in at our hotel Kastle, which is indeed a remodeled castle with many fun nooks and crannies to explore, we had a delicious truffle and wine tasting.



A truffle-sniffing dog in action. Ok, I don’t actually know if he’s a truffle-sniffing dog, but he looks like he’s onto the scent of something

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