A Trip to the Adriatic in 14 Days 


Where exactly did you go?
Days 1-4 were spent in Slovenia, Days 5-10 were in Croatia, Days 10-11 were in Bosnia-Herzegovina, and Days 12-14 were in Croatia again. We basically started in Slovenia in the north and worked our way south through Croatia, with the exception of two days spent inland in Bosnia-Herzegovina. This map shows the main cities and sites we visited. The numbers indicate how many nights we spent in each city, for example Ljubljana has a 2 because we spent two nights there.

What was your favorite part?
Bosnia-Herzegovina was my favorite part. It is a country I don’t think I would have had the opportunity to visit otherwise. See days 11 and 12 to see why these were my favorite.

What did you think of your tour guide?
You might read some of the reviews of this trip on Rick Steve’s website and see a rave stating Marijan could be the next Rick Steves if Rick retires. I found this to be very true. As I’m sure is true of all of Rick’s tour guides, he seamlessly organized the trip from buying tickets ahead of time to suggesting the best times to visit certain attractions. He provided a wealth of information very clearly while we were traveling on the bus in order to use time efficiently.The complex history of the region could easily overwhelm his audience, but Marijan was able to explain it giving enough detail yet keeping it clear and succinct.For more information about Marijan and an interview with him about his life and growing up during wartime in the 1990s, click here.


Did you go on this trip alone?
No, my dad came too. Somehow we didn’t get a picture together on the trip, so I’ll throw one in here for good measure

Why did you choose this destination?
I wanted to travel to a place that was sunny and warm with plenty of culture. I am fascinated by Croatia’s history. When I was young we had neighbors who lived across the street, a couple a bit older than my parents. The husband was Croaitan. Around 1992, our neighbor’s family friends from Croatia came to live with them as they were fleeing the conflict. Croatia has plenty of history spanning the Holy Roman Empire, WWI, WWII, and the more recent conflict of the 1990s. It also has unparalleled natural beauty and we generally found the people to be welcoming.

Why did you choose a Rick Steves tour?

Croatia, Bosnia Herzegovina, and Slovenia would be hard to navigate in their entirety without out wonderful tour bus. I would not want to drive a rental car through the Vrsic pass. The roads do not have guard rails and the turns are sharp hairpin turns. How our bus driver Yanis could navigate those with our large tour bus was an amazing feat! I was so thankful he was a skilled driver. There’s also a portion of the road when we were going from Korcula to Bosnia-Herzegovina where our guide Marijan said “don’t look down and pay any mind to the cars that have fallen off the road” and we all laughed thinking he was kidding. He was not! This isn’t to say it’s dangerous to drive there (those cars looked like they had been there a long time) but I also wouldn’t say its a breeze to navigate.

There are a number of tour companies out there, but many of them have large groups and only take you to the big touristy sites. RickSteves’ “through the back door” method is much more engaging. His groups are small, his tour guides are knowledgeable, and the seamless organization allows you maximize the quality time you spend in each location.