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Things I Love From Etsy

Things I Love From Etsy

I peruse Etsy the way I peruse Pinterest, I innocently click over when have a few free minutes. Before I know it though, half an hour has gone by. Below are some of the items that caught my eye.

This ring. It’s listed as an engagement ring, but it wouldn’t necessarily have to be.

Etsy engagement ring


This papercut. Very minimalist.

Tree papercut


I Read Past My Bedtime pillow. If only there were an “I watch Netflix past my bedtime” pillow. Apparently people that’s something people don’t want to advertise. Weird.

I Read Past My Beadtime pillow

Do Small Things With Love poster. Bonus, it’s an instant download.

Do small things with great love


Grumpy cat mug I actually have this one and use it almost every day.

Grumpy cat mug

Turkish bath towels. The perfect towel can make or break your bathing experience.

Turkish towels

None of the links above are affiliate links. Enjoy 🙂

Oh and Lucy says hi.



  1. Uw, I like so many of these! Especially the poster with Mother Teresa’s quote (that’s always been one of my favorite quotes)!

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