I’m linking up for Show and Tell Tuesday with Momfessionals. These posts are always fun. It’s always interesting to see how people spend their time.

It’s Monday morning and I meant to wake up earlier, but 6:44 is what happened. I can live with it.

Time to drink some water. I left this by my bed last night to remind myself to stay hydrated.

I made my bed.  And yes, that’s a stuffed owl.

Sprayed some of this because I really like the scent. For some reason I cannot get this photo to rotate.

I fixed two eggs and a smoothie for breakfast. Also spilled a lot of chia seeds. It’s definitely a Monday.

I used Green Blender’s sunflower apple smoothie recipe and it was reasonable. Not the best, but also not the worst. I finished getting ready and…

…took a quick selfie on the way out the door.

Trying to pump myself up for Monday while on the bus with Pandora’s Club Dance Radio. It sort of worked.

I can’t show you much of what I do since our cases our confidential (I’m a paralegal) but I can show you my desktop background. Cozy, right?

There’s this awkward window where I can half see into the hallway from my office. I decorated the nook with glassy babies. I put  battery-powered candles in them, but they’re pretty weak. They were all gifts and it makes me happy to look at them 🙂

One of the attorneys I work with dropped off an article about Santa Fe because she knows I like the city and am actually thinking about relocating. My family is against it…but it’s definitely a possibility. Only time will tell.

Around 10am I decided I needed coffee. Lately I’ve been on an iced latte kick. After sufficiently caffeinating myself, I worked on some projects and went to a meeting. I didn’t pack anything for lunch, so I went back to Starbucks and used my free reward for some peanut butter jelly time.

The day ended up going by pretty quickly. On the way home from work, I was playing Tetris on my phone and an ad popped up for a new game. I’m pretty sure it’s for a child, but I’m hooked and have zero shame about it. I usually listed to podcasts on my commute but wasn’t in the mood today.

My plan was to go to the gym right after work, but the dumb game sucked all the battery life out of my phone, so I had to wait for it to charge.

While waiting I threw in a load of laundry. In case you’re wondering, these bleach crystals are better than liquid bleach, especially if you’re an apartment dweller using shared laundry facilities. I highly recommend them.

I put on my gym clothes so I couldn’t talk myself out of going to they gym. Good times. Great selfies in semi-clean bathroom mirrors.

I cooked spaghetti squash in the microwave before I left so I would have something to eat after the gym. My preferred cooking method is to poke the squash all over with a fork or knife and stick it in the microwave for 10 minutes. Works like a charm. I let that cool and headed to the gym.

I used the treadmill and elliptical for 10 minutes each. Short and sweet. My deal with myself is I just have to go, I don’t have to work out very hard. Usually by the time I get there I put in a reasonable amount of effort, even if I don’t stay long.

Red faced, sweaty, and realizing the vest is not flattering. Oh well.

I took a fast (and cold) shower and  warmed some spaghetti squash with pesto. Very tasty. I talked to my sister for awhile and she told me about the haunted tour of Pioneer Square she had just taken. It was spooktacular. My words, not hers. I decided to have a little candy and this candy is made with real honey, so it’s essentially health food. I’m going to finish up this post, do a hot second of fiction writing, read a page of LOTR, and call it a night. It will probably be midnight by the time I fall asleep. I’d say that’s close to my average bedtime, so I need to work on going to bed earlier! Another Monday in the books 🙂