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The title “Fledgling Journey” came from a conversation I had with a friend when we were talking about feeling like we were a little lost after we graduated from liberal arts colleges. We felt like fledglings leaving the nest security and venturing out on our own, taking big risks for the first time. We both had degrees, but that college diploma didn’t really prepare us to DO something, let alone a specific job. I was upset with myself for not career planning in college and assuming it would all work out. I wasn’t sure if I was on the right track. I asked (and am still asking) myself what’s important to me, what I want to do (or be good at), where I want to go, and how I get there. This blog is to share my own journey as a fledgling and hope that maybe my relative struggles help you navigate yours and encourage you to try new things. I recognize navigating life with a loving family, my health, and plenty of resources is a privilege. I consider myself to be incredibly fortunate.

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My name is Lauren and I’m a native Seattlite. This blog is my outlet because I enjoy writing, communication, and experimenting building a website. Please know that thought I majored in English, writing a blog is a different style. I am not immune to typos, spelling errors, and grammatical mistakes so I have a feeling one of those will slip themselves in somewhere.

Some fun facts:

-I worked at a zoo in high school, and the animals I have fed or pet include a bat, armadillo, sloth, blue tongued skink and peacock. This probably explains why I like weird animals like snakes, opossums, and sharks.

-I once got a paper cut on my eye. That’s when I learned eyes heal extremely quickly.

-I have seen every episode of Friends about 12 times. Don’t say I don’t know how to waste time. It is one of the most relaxing escapes from reality.

-I took a personality test that said I’m 100% introverted. I didn’t think that was even possible. I’m also INFJ: Introverted, intuitive, feeling, and judging.

-I tend to do things my own way. When my sister and I were making Christmas cookies, I pulled out the dinosaur cookie cutter because…if you put a Christmas hat on it, it’s a Christmas dinosaur. Duh. Apparently Jesus existed after the dinosaurs. Weird, right? Man and dino didn’t roam the earth together? Hold the phone, Jurassic Park really messed with my mind when I saw it at the age of 8.

-I have a cat named Lucille M. The M stands for Monster. She’s a sweet and temperamental little chunk monster who enjoys drinking almond milk straight out of the bowl. She’s kind of a nut which is why it’s a good thing we found each other. Welcome to my blog!


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