Hello and Happy Halloween! Today I have a guest post from Sophia about tidying your car quickly. Since I’m planning for a road trip soon, I know I’ll be trying at least a few of these tips. It’s one of those things that’s easy to put off, but once it’s done you feel better. Sometimes I underestimate how good that feeling is!

Despite your busy schedule, you finally found some time for that trip you have planned for months with your family or friends. Everything is great, you have packed all the necessary things but there is one thing left which you have postponed for quite  some time. Cleaning your car. The trip won’t be very pleasant if you miss this step!

If you are avoiding cleaning up your car because it takes too much time, you can follow the next few tips to have a clean car and hit the road in less than 20 minutes.

Declutter your car

Grab a garbage bag and an empty box. Sort all the things that don’t belong in your car. Throw away all the trash and put the items that belong in your house in the empty box. Don’t forget to check under the seats. Put some garbage bags into an empty tissue box so that you can use them during your trip when there is a trash in your car.

Wipe the hard surfaces

You can use baby wipes to clean the leather seats, the dashboard, the buttons and the stirring wheel. The wipes are mild enough not to damage the leather surfaces but they can clean everything pretty well. If there are some tough stains you can use a hand-sanitizer to clean them. The alcohol in it is very effective product to tackle those spots which are hard to clean.

Clean the air vents

You can use a brush with soft bristles to dust off all the dirt from the air vents and use a vacuum cleaner to prevent the dust and dirt from spreading around the interior of the car. If you haven’t change the filters of your air vents you may consider doing it now.

Wipe all the windows

Spray some cleaner for glass surfaces on a clean towel and wipe the windshield, the rear window and the sunroof.

Dust off and Vacuum

Start by cleaning your floor mats. First, shake them well to get rid of the dust and dirt. Then, use a vacuum cleaner without putting any of the attachments on the hose. Vacuum any upholstered surface and don’t forget to clean the floor, especially beneath the seats. Vacuum the floor mats to make sure that you have removed as much dirt and dust from them as possible. If at this point you realize your car upholstery is dirty, consider having it professionally cleaned.

Put everything in its place

When you finish vacuuming, you can put the floor mats on their places and you can adjust the seats if you moved them while cleaning the interior of the car. Put anything that belongs in the car in its place. You can use a zip-lock bag to store all the documents of your car and pit them in the cubby on the driver’s side. You can also put a map in the car for your next road trip. <–Solid tip. You never know when your car cell phone charger will stop working or your GPS could fail you, especially if you’re in a remote area or National Park.

You shouldn’t procrastinate the cleaning of your vehicle as you will probably spend a long time in it while driving for the destinations you chose to explore with your family or friends. After all you need to do just a simple maintenance of your car and you will be good to go. If you follow these steps the job that you have postponed for so long could be done in just a few minutes and you can finally enjoy the long-waited trip. Now that you made sure to clean inside of your car,  your travel trip will be much more comfortable. You can also spend some time in the car dreaming up ways to spend that money you saved by doing it yourself and not having your car detailed 🙂