I’m a pretty big fan of this show. Most people I know who like Girls are middle class women in their 20s and 30s. I honestly think if you aren’t in that demographic it probably won’t resonate with you. In fact, you’ll probably find it annoying. The characters are self-absorbed and not always likable. It’s gritty and real in a first-world problems kind of way, like Sex and the City meets Seinfeld. My favorite quote from Lena’s book Not That Kind of Girl is “But no matter what, nothing can ever be as it was. Everything has changed in a way that sounds trite and borderline offensive when recounted over coffee. I can never be who I was. I can simply watch her with sympathy, understanding, and some measure of awe.” We’ve all done or said some things similar to the characters in Girls and the raw honesty of the show is what keeps me coming back. Regardless, try at least one episode. It can’t hurt. This episode could also be entitled “honesty is not the best policy.”

Jessa and Adam’s friendship

As Lena points out in her interview after the show, it’s a natural friendship seeing as they’ve both struggled with addiction issues and are usually upfront, non-verbal communicators. One of the best interactions on this episode:

Adam: Do you think it’s fine  if I throw out all of Hannah’s refrigerator magnets?
Jessa: This whole thing is why I hate relationships between white people.

The whole scene where they get arrested is another example of how Jessa escalates something into a big dramatic situation to take attention away from her own unhappiness. Adam is pretty cut and dry with Jessa about not wanting to have any part of these dramatic, manipulative situations where she’s a bad influence and Jessa is actually pretty responsive. She admits she needs Adam’s friendship. Her friends have broached some of these issues with Jessa, but it seems like a male friend’s reinforcement might be what she needs. She’s also leaving Hannah in the dark about how much time she spends with Adam, which seems like it might blow up soon.

Hannah Questions Staying in Her Academic Program

Elijah says letting go of his  “dream” of being a dancer was a huge relief and tells Hannah that nobody likes what they do. That party seems like such a cliché of a graduate school liberal arts party. Drugs and pretension. Hannah (and I) don’t get why they have to hate everything related to pop culture. Keep a little open-mindedness. You can like both literary and pop fiction and appreciate them for what they are. Hannah talks about being pigeonholed and feeling like she can’t write what she wants to. Then she tells off everyone in her class, yet all of her criticism sounds pretty accurate. Obviously it was not constructive to lash out at others to vent her frustration and potentially justify her leaving Iowa.  Then her bike is stolen again. Iowa is definitely not what she expected.

Marnie and Her Complicated Relationships with Men & How it Could Ruin her Current Music Success

Why is Desi’s arm around Marnie in the meeting? Totally unprofessional. Lena explained in her interview after the show how she hates when people excuse their mistreatment of others by saying “I was honest with you from the beginning.” This is true, but when people show you who they are, believe them. Then Marnie tells Desi that it’s normal for someone to not want the person they’re sleeping with to be sleeping with somebody else and he replies “that’s a very culturally specific statement.” Gag. And then Ray. Marnie look at what is right in front of you. His interaction with her seems like a ploy for her affection even though he rejected her last season. Does he really like her or does he just want to get physical?  On a more positive note, her interaction with Ray gives her the confidence to be honest with Desi. Again she expects Desi to acknowledge what he’s doing is wrong, but he doesn’t. Walk away Marnie, walk away. And come on Ray, Marnie is your Desi. Tread lightly.

Shoshana’s Interview

I kind of want to name my daughter Shoshana (should I ever have a daughter) but I feel like people would be scratching their heads seeing as I’m not Jewish. Then again Rebekah and Rachel are common Jewish names too, right? Anyway I want to shake Shosh. How is she turning down this job? I literally can’t believe someone is that out of touch with reality. First, it sounds like a great job, she could take at least for six months and then see what else is out there right? Second, I don’t know how her personality will jive with all employers because the way she talks makes her sound like a ditz, even though she’s not. Why would you be that honest? She crossed that glaringly honest line where dishonesty is okay as a means to preserve normal social graces.

Next week: Hannah says she thrives on the street rather than academia. The street Hannah? Really? I know what she means but let’s call a spade a spade. She should really say “I thrive when writing what I really care about.” Is she just running away from a challenge? Time will tell. P.S. The trailer for Jinx : The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst looks interesting. I don’t know anything about it.

I always like the music on Girls. Tonight included:

Love Blood by Sleeper Agent

Oogum Boogum Song by Brenton Wood

Everybody Wants Somebody by Joel Jerome