Girls HBO Recap Cubbies Season 4 Episode 4

This episode could also be called “Assuming Makes an Ass of You & Me.” Let me give you the abbreviated version of the storyline.

Marnie: Desi drops his woman for her (or the more likely story, he was dumped) yet Marnie is puzzled. You can tell from her body language that she still feels like she is his second choice.

Hannah still wants to leave Iowa. Her fake apology to her class for what happened at last week’s party is defensive and her classmates make it clear it isn’t going to cut it. Hannah was assuming this would give her the final push to withdraw and seemingly hoped it would get her kicked out. Isn’t it the truth? It’s so much easier when someone else decides for you. She bites the bullet and comes home to NYC  and finds Adam with a new live-in girlfriend.

Shosh can’t take a dose of her own honesty after an interviewer gives her the honest feedback she asked for. She tracks down Ray and helps him shop for clothes because she’s unemployed and bored. Shosh has an honest heart to heart with him about their breakup and how she blamed him for it when really she was the cause. Finally, the good form of honesty that people like to hear. She’s getting the hang of it. I was worried Shosh was going to try to rekindle things with Ray because he’s familiar and comfortable, but she acknowledged that they were “so over.” She assumed getting a job wouldn’t be very hard and asks “why doesn’t anyone ever tell you how hard it’s going to be?” Girlfriend is not in touch with reality.

Jessa: Uh pretty much nothing happens here.

It would have been a crazy twist if Clementine (Desi’s girlfriend) would have been seeing Adam and that was the reason she left Desi. Probably too convenient and unrealistic of a twist.

Until next week…