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Friday Favorites

Today I’m linking up to share my Friday Favorites.

1. Arielle Says Recipes

I originally found Arielle through a Buzzfeed Facebook post where she eliminated sugar for a month and wrote about what happened. She and I both share a love of this little white dust.

It’s called sugar.

Sheesh. Anyway, her recipes are awesome – healthy and simple. I’m looking forward to trying her Grilled Cheese With Lite Mozzarella, Brussels Sprouts, and Apple and Egg Spinach Mushroom quesadillas

2. Persuasion Video

One of my 30×30 goals is to read Persuasion by Jane Austen, which I’ve meant to read for years. I started it awhile ago and remember most of it, but looked online for a refresher. I stumbled across this video. It’s hilarious and gives just enough information to get the gist of what’s going on. The creator Leah has videos of other Jane Austen novels too.

3. Separating Out Books In Progress

This is what I’d probably categorize as a happiness hack (in the words of Gretchen Rubin). It’s obvious but also helpful. I separated out all the books I’ve started and set down, but want to finish. I realize that if a book is not interesting enough to drive me to finish, it might mean I should move on to a new book. But, these are all books that I like and want to finish, I just got distracted or couldn’t find them. So I’ve put all these books in one place (my bedside table) to remind me to keep chipping away. Easy solution. If they sit there long enough, I’ll pass them along to someone who can get some use out of them.

4. Kitchen Safe

I heard about the kitchen safe through the Runs for Cookies blog. I just got one and have liked it so far. I have a self-control problem, where I feel too constrained if I don’t have access to a certain kind of food (ahem chocolate) but I also have a hard time stopping myself once I’ve started eating it. The kitchen safe lets you lock something up on a timer (24 hours or less). This helps me because gives me access but prevents me from mindlessly downing too much. You could also use it if you need some phone-free time or a really great prank…like locking up someone’s keys. Muahaha. Totally Multipurpose.

5. By the Book Podcast

I love this podcast! Kristen and Jolenta strictly follow the advice of a self-help book for 2 weeks and report back on their findings. So far they’ve covered The Secret, French Women Don’t Get Fat, The Memory Book, and The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up. It’s equal parts helpful and entertaining. As someone who enjoys the occasional self-help book, this podcast is right up my alley.



  1. I have a basket by my reading chair where I keep all the books that are in-progress. The Persuasion video is hilarious. Happy Friday!

    • Very good idea! I have them in a drawer and am thinking I should probably keep the in progress books someplace more visible 🙂

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