Welcome to my 30 by 30 list – a list of 30 things I’d like to complete by the time I turn 30 years old. They are listed in no particular order.

  1. Watch an Ellen show taping
  2. Read all Jane Austen novels
    • Sense and Sensibility
    • Pride and Prejudice (done)
    • Mansfield Park
    • Emma
    • Persuasion
    • Northanger Abbey
  3. Go to a writer’s conference (completed 2015 – Write Here Write Now)
  4. Get a lot better at yoga
  5. Run a 5k (even by myself, not necessarily an organized one)
  6. Learn to build a website (completed)
  7. Visit 15 famous art museum – SF MOMA, Louvre, British Museum, Musee de Orsay, Van Gough Museum, Smithsonian, The Acropolis Museum, Hermitage, National Gallery London, Tate Modern, Tate Britain, National Portrait Gallery London, Tretyakov Gallery, Victoria and Albert Museum, Moscow Kremlin
  8. Read 30 Classics (9 down, 21 to go)
  9.  See all movies on the AFI top 100 list (29 down, 71 to go)
  10.  Take a writing class (completed – took a fiction class and a magazine writing class)
  11. Get something I’ve written published OR write a book (poetry, short stories, novel…)
  12.  Open an etsy shop (completed December 2015 – no sales though)
  13. Own a LV purse
  14. Own a clothing or accessory that is Burberry
  15. Learn to make 5 classic cocktails:
  16.  Finish the NYT crossword puzzle or at least get better at it
  17. Do a 30 day challenge – vegetarian, writing every day, taking a photo everyday, (completed April 2017 – no drinking)
  18.  Go to Harry Potter World and Disney world (completed Jan 2016)
  19. Learn a snow sport
  20. Become more knowledgeable about the stock market
  21. Work on a Habitat for Humanity house
  22. Learn 15 constellations: http://www.artofmanliness.com/2014/07/16/15-constellations-every-man-should-know/
    • Big dipper (done)
    • Little dipper (done)
    • Orion (done)
    • Aquarius
    • Aquila
    • Aries
    • Canis major
    • Casseopia
    • Cygnus
    • Gemini
    • Leo
    • Lyra
    • Pisces
    • Scorpius
    • taurus
  23. Ride first class on a flight (completed June 2017 – trip to Calgary)
  24. Learn to use a DSLR camera (still learning, but started March 2017)
  25. Stay in the best suite at a 5 star hotel
  26. Learn to quilt (completed)
  27.  Pay for a stranger’s meal/coffee/kmart layaway (completed)
  28. Learn to drive a stick shift
  29. Buy/borrow a Le Cruset dutch oven and make at least 3 dutch oven meals
  30. Make or try all 30 of these sandwiches: http://www.zagat.com/b/50-states-50-sandwichesutm_source=taboola&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=desktoptopperformers

–The alternates list–

-Start my own nonprofit

-Visit Japan

-Visit Australia

-See more of Europe (13 countries visited: England, Scotland, Wales, France, Ireland, The Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, Croatia, Russia, Greece, Slovenia, Bosnia-Herzegovina)

-Train assistance dogs

-Visit these places http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/10/09/30-before-30_n_4059279.html

 -Go to Sundance

– Send a message in a bottle

-Fire an uzi

-Read LOTR and watch the movies

-Stay at an ice hotel

– Take a sewing class like this one: http://homeeconline.blogspot.com/

– Go to the  Tupelo Elvis Festival

-See every academy award winning movie in the last 20 years

-Develop an app

-Start my own Podcast

-See the Northern Lights

-Go to the Kentucky Derby

-Travel to 25 of the 50 states. States I’ve visited include:

  1. Washington
  2. Oregon
  3. Montana
  4. Idaho
  5. California
  6. Wyoming
  7. New Mexico
  8. Wisconsin
  9. Illinois
  10. Iowa
  11. Virginia
  12. Minnesota
  13. New York
  14. Florida
  15. Massachusetts