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Going on a road trip? Tips to clean your car for 20 minutes or less

Hello and Happy Halloween! Today I have a guest post from Sophia about tidying your car quickly. Since I’m planning for a road trip soon, I know I’ll be trying at least a few of these tips. It’s one of those things that’s easy to put off, but once it’s done you feel better. Sometimes I underestimate how good that feeling is!

Despite your busy schedule, you finally found some time for that trip you have planned for months with your family or friends. Everything is great, you have packed all the necessary things but there is one thing left which you have postponed for quite  some time. Cleaning your car. The trip won’t be very pleasant if you miss this step!

If you are avoiding cleaning up your car because it takes too much time, you can follow the next few tips to have a clean car and hit the road in less than 20 minutes.

Declutter your car

Grab a garbage bag and an empty box. Sort all the things that don’t belong in your car. Throw away all the trash and put the items that belong in your house in the empty box. Don’t forget to check under the seats. Put some garbage bags into an empty tissue box so that you can use them during your trip when there is a trash in your car.

Wipe the hard surfaces

You can use baby wipes to clean the leather seats, the dashboard, the buttons and the stirring wheel. The wipes are mild enough not to damage the leather surfaces but they can clean everything pretty well. If there are some tough stains you can use a hand-sanitizer to clean them. The alcohol in it is very effective product to tackle those spots which are hard to clean.

Clean the air vents

You can use a brush with soft bristles to dust off all the dirt from the air vents and use a vacuum cleaner to prevent the dust and dirt from spreading around the interior of the car. If you haven’t change the filters of your air vents you may consider doing it now.

Wipe all the windows

Spray some cleaner for glass surfaces on a clean towel and wipe the windshield, the rear window and the sunroof.

Dust off and Vacuum

Start by cleaning your floor mats. First, shake them well to get rid of the dust and dirt. Then, use a vacuum cleaner without putting any of the attachments on the hose. Vacuum any upholstered surface and don’t forget to clean the floor, especially beneath the seats. Vacuum the floor mats to make sure that you have removed as much dirt and dust from them as possible. If at this point you realize your car upholstery is dirty, consider having it professionally cleaned.

Put everything in its place

When you finish vacuuming, you can put the floor mats on their places and you can adjust the seats if you moved them while cleaning the interior of the car. Put anything that belongs in the car in its place. You can use a zip-lock bag to store all the documents of your car and pit them in the cubby on the driver’s side. You can also put a map in the car for your next road trip. <–Solid tip. You never know when your car cell phone charger will stop working or your GPS could fail you, especially if you’re in a remote area or National Park.

You shouldn’t procrastinate the cleaning of your vehicle as you will probably spend a long time in it while driving for the destinations you chose to explore with your family or friends. After all you need to do just a simple maintenance of your car and you will be good to go. If you follow these steps the job that you have postponed for so long could be done in just a few minutes and you can finally enjoy the long-waited trip. Now that you made sure to clean inside of your car,  your travel trip will be much more comfortable. You can also spend some time in the car dreaming up ways to spend that money you saved by doing it yourself and not having your car detailed 🙂

3 Tasty Recipes with Ingredients that can be Delivered via Prime Now

Do you ever want to make a recipe but dread going to the grocery store? Have no fear, I’ve made it really easy for you. Below are three recipes from with over 2,000 ratings each, so they basically come with a deliciousness guarantee. I’ve added links to all the ingredients you can buy on Prime Now and have delivered to your door within hours. I’ve also included prices and other important information for you to decide.

Keep in mind, the items are sourced from more than one place, mainly PCC and Amazon. To place the order, you need to have $20 worth of items from each location (i.e. $20 worth of Amazon items and $20 worth of PCC items). Also PCC only delivers between 8am and 10pm.

When you first click on a link, it will have you enter your zip code so it can show you local availability and pricing. Because of the way their site is set up, you’ll have to click each link individually to add it to your cart. The availability and prices of these Prime Now items are for Seattle in October 2017. None of these links are affiliate or referral links.

If you have a special request (delivery in your city, recipe type, cost per serving, etc) Please send me a message here or email me at I’d be happy to put a list together for you. There wouldn’t be any cost for you, I’ll just publish it as a blog post.

To Die For Fettuccine Alfredo

Time required to make it: 30 minutes

Number of Reviews: 1166

Star Rating: 4.5 stars

Number of Servings: 6




Heavy whipping cream

Salt and pepper to taste

Garlic salt

Romano & parmesan cheese (buy 2)

Total cost of ingredients before tax, deliver, or tip: $25.94

Noodles $1.49, butter $6.99, cream $3.49, salt and pepper $1.99, cheese $11.98 ($5.99×2)

Cost per serving:  $4.32

Rosemary Ranch Chicken Skewers

Time required to make it: 1 hour

Number of Reviews: 2941

Star Rating: 4.5 stars

Number of Servings: 6


Olive oil

Ranch dressing

Worcestershire sauce


Salt & pepper

Lemon juice

White vinegar

White sugar (optional)

Chicken (buy 2)

Total cost of ingredients before tax, deliver, or tip: $45.05

Skewers $4.48, olive oil $5.99, ranch dressing $2.99, Worcestershire sauce $1.90, Rosemary $2.39,  salt & pepper $1.99, lemon juice $1.32, white vinegar $2.34, white sugar $2.93, chicken $18.72 ($9.36×2)

Cost per serving: $7.50

Eggplant Parmesan & Garlic Bread

Time required to make it: 1 hour

Number of Reviews: 2364

Star Rating: 4.5 stars

Number of Servings: 10

Eggplant (buy 3)


Italian bread crumbs

Spaghetti sauce

Mozzarella cheese (buy 2)

Parmesan cheese

Dried basil

Garlic bread

Total cost of ingredients before tax, delivery, or tip: $42.90

Eggplant $13.37 ($4.49 x3), eggs $3.69, breadcrumbs $2.89, spaghetti sauce $1.99, mozzarella $8.38 ($4.19 x2), parmesan $5.59, basil $2.24, garlic bread $4.75

Cost per serving: $4.29

To complete the meal, you could add caesar salad ($3.79) sweet kale chopped salad ($3), rice pilaf ($2), or yam and kale salad ($4.79).

Last note: I selected items based on what I would probably buy. For example, I buy lemon juice instead of a whole lemon because I hate juicing lemons. I pay $1 for a dozen eggs even if a recipe calls for 2 eggs. You are of course welcome to click around and get a different item if it better suits your needs.

Happy cooking 🙂

Friday Favorites

Oh my goodness. This week has been an interesting. I didn’t get to post blog posts the way I intended, but I’ll be back at it next week. For now I’m going to link up for a short and sweet Friday Favorites!


I found this goal list idea on Pinterest and want to try it out! I love a visual reminder that can easily be changed.


Digit app — Have you guys heard of this? You link it to a bank account and set a savings goal. It has an algorithm to make small withdrawals that you won’t really notice in order to help you meet your goal. So far I’m really liking it. I’m saving up for my Hawaii trip and pretty thrilled about it.


I am not an outdoorsy person, but I love national parks. I truly enjoy taking in all the beauty and history. Whenever I go to a national park, I start to wonder if disconnection from nature and urbanization are the sources of our societal problems, particularly with mental health. Then I take a bunch of photos with my iPhone, Instagram them, and forget all about that earlier thought. It’s about balance? Haha anyway, I guess you could say I’m a wanna be outdoorsy person. If you could teach me ice climbing and I could instantly be good at it, I’d be into it. No question. But it looks intensely dangerous and like a lot of work. Sigh. Glamping sounds like a good transition and a lot of fun for this city girl, so I’m pondering that idea and starting to get excited about it. The last time I went camping was in the middle of nowhere in Montana and the bug bites were insane. It was fun, but I think I might need to ease myself into camping.


My new favorite coffee drink is an Americano of drip coffee with pumpkin spice syrup and extra half-n-half. It’s like a toned-down pumpkin spice latte and I love it.

Thanks for reading. It really makes me when I log in and can see that people actually read this little blog. It warms my heart. No joke. Have a great weekend!


What’s Up Wednesday

What I’m Eating

A lot of veggie burgers, spaghetti squash, and foods that you can find at Trader Joe’s. No complaints or regrets on that front.

What I’m Reminiscing About

Driving to school with my sister when we were in high school. She drove me to school my freshman and sophomore years of school and I have fond memories of it. Now she drives me to work most mornings and we usually get coffee on the way. I know it’s a frivolous expense, but I also know I am going to remember these drives and all the mundane but meaningful sister time we had together. It’s always a great start to the day.

What I’m Loving

Keep Collective jewelry and key chains. I. am. obsessed. I’d be happy to design you one if you’re interested 🙂

What I’m Dreading

There was a rather large snafu with my retirement rollover, so I am dreading sorting it out. It’s a little stressful.

What I’m Working On

So many things. I feel like I have a ton of pet projects going on right now. Watching movies from my list. Starting a Podcast. Pondering a few other ideas. My dad’s bday present project. Planning a trip to Hawaii for next year. Possibly moving to another city. It’s overwhelming and I need to break these all into bite side chunks.

What I’m Excited About

The holidays! Yesterday’s post reminded me that September-December is my favorite time of year. January-April is usually the most challenging. And May-August is middle of the road.

What I’m Watching/Reading

I have the Dr. Strangelove DVD sitting on my table, waiting to be watched. In terms of reading, I’m still plotting away at Mansfield Park and The Lord of the Rings.

What I’m Listening To

What Lovers Do by Maroon 5. It’s on repeat in my head, which is both a positive and negative thing. I’ve also been listening to Pandora’s Beats for Studying station while reading on the treadmill at the gym. I highly recommend it.

What I’m Wearing

All the black. Per usual. And a lot of scarves. I’m actually making a few scarves now because they’re my favorite.

What I’m Doing This Weekend

Possibly a Halloween pub crawl. I have no costume, but I’ll probably come up with something easy and sarcastic. Like no costume but when people ask, just say I’m a Gen Xer.  Haha. I could also borrow a costume idea from Jim on the TV show The Office, like just write the word book on my cheek and claiming I’m Facebook. It will be quite the conversation starter. Otherwise,  I have tentative plans to get Indian food with a friend and meet my other friend’s dog for the first time. All good things. I will be working on lots of projects too  and hoping I don’t get distracted.

What I’m Looking Forward to Next Month

Thanksgiving! Veteran’s Day! Frosty weather! I usually like November.

What Else is New

I’ve gotten back into my Pinterest lately. Do you have any pinners or boards that you love to follow? If so, please let me know!

That’s a glimpse of what’s up in my life lately. Have a great Wednesday.


Show & Tell Tuesday – Favorite Holiday

Happy Tuesday! I’m linking up for Show and Tell Tuesday about my favorite holiday and it’s definitely Christmas. I enjoy the time away from work, happy spirit, season of lights, and time with family and friends. Here are some of my favorite Traditions.

Christmas Ship Festival

There are Christmas ships that are decorated with lights that stop at certain beaches in Seattle and project carols from a choir onboard the largest ship. Drinking something warm and watching the ships is always fun.

Christmas Candy

My mom makes the most delicious Christmas candy. The recipe is top secret 🙂

Gingerbread Houses

Many years my sister and I make gingerbread houses. We start from scratch rather than buying a kit. My house is usually kind of whacky and my sister’s is very realistic and beautiful. For example, if there’s a way to add something dinosaur-themed to the house, I’m going to do it. I am a little subversive and like things that are offbeat that way. Top tip: cover cardboard with foil to put the house on and melt jolly ranchers to have a little pond near the house. It’s so cute. We don’t eat our houses, because they’re usually kind of gross and stale by the time Christmas rolls around. We just use them as decoration.

Advent Calendars

I may be an adult, but I love a good advent calendar. I usually buy one and open something each day just for fun. Sometimes my mom will make me one or get me one from Starbucks. The Starbucks advent calendar is THE BEST.

Peppermint Mocha or Peppermint Hot Chocolate

I have one from Starbucks every year. It’s a must.

Watching the movie Elf

We watch this movie every year. I think it’s hilarious.

Christmas Eve

I spend Christmas Eve with my immediate family — mom, dad, and sister. We hang out most of the day. Usually we wrap presents, watch a TV or movie while eating a cheese plate, and just hang out. We have whatever we want to eat on Christmas Eve. It used to always be ham, but that tradition has faded to a family vote. We typically open all of our gifts the night of Christmas Eve.

Christmas Day

We typically celebrate with family and friend. Christmas day we open stockings and have a Dutch Baby(aka dutch pancake) for breakfast. Then it’s usually a scramble to get the food fixed and the house tidied for guests to come over, which is why we typically open gifts the night before. It allows for a little more time on Christmas Day.

We have family friends that have two daughters that are my sister’s and my age that we have spent most Christmases with. My cousin is now engaged, and her fiancé is Jewish. He has invited his two sisters to our Christmas dinner and it is so much fun! They haven’t been to a Christmas day celebration other than ours before and really enlivened our gathering. I am really happy that they felt comfortable joining us in a Christian holiday (tbh our Christmas celebration is largely secular) even though it doesn’t completely align with their beliefs. Family is fun.

That’s it for now. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone’s favorites 🙂

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