Hello and Happy Friday! It’s been way too long since I’ve posted  and I’m not even going to bother to explain, but suffice to say I’m glad to be back and I’m jumping right in 🙂 So far it looks like this weekend will include signing a new apartment lease, having brunch, starting the (dreaded) packing to move, a DSLR camera lesson, and hanging out with some friends. Laundry will probably make it in there at some point too.


1. DSLR Camera

I am anxiously awaiting the camera I ordered last week. It’s a Sony a6000, which is supposedly good for beginners and easily portable. One of my goals before I turn 30 in the next six-ish months is to learn to use a DSLR camera. One of my more immediate goals is to be able to use it on a trip to NYC in a few weeks. One of my friends is teaching me to use the manual settings, but if push comes to shove, I can always use the auto function. He said the first 10,000 photos will likely be trash, but if anyone is going to prove that wrong, it’s me 😉 He’ll also be teaching me to use Lightroom, so I’m eager to learn photo editing. That way I can make my first 10,000 trash photos at least look semi-decent. Haha.

2. Side Hustle School Podcast

I just started listening to this and while I don’t currently have side-hustle aspirations, it’s fun to listen. The concept isn’t to eventually turn your side hustle (which btw is a term that makes me cringe) into a full-time gig, but rather find something you enjoy that can allow you some freedom and flexibility. The projects described in various episodes range from the interesting (semi-passive Pinterest income) to the zany (saddles for chickens…which as I learned, protects them from injury when they’re molting). The business lessons seem pretty universally applicable, for example looking for a solution to a common problem or finding a niche.

3.  OPI The Berry Thought Of You nail polish

This color is my jam.

4. I’m considering going red

Emma Stone red. My natural color is brown with red undertones, so I’m sure my coloring will allow me to pull off most shades of red. I could go darker…more orange…more blonde…thoughts?

5. Numbskull Wine

This is a Mark Ryan red blend from Walla Walla, Washington, and I love it. At $38 it’s not  outrageously price.

6.  Travel Purses

I do NOT need another purse. But there are a few I’ve been eyeing…

Hammitt VIP Clutch – Alixandra Collections $195 (ouch)

Olympia Fold Over Saddle Bag $79 at Bloomingdales

3. Express Turnlock Crossbody Bag $39.90

Urban Originals Reckless Destiny Faux-Leather Bag $78 at Nordstrom




Have a great weekend!