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Month: June 2015

How Mindful Should Your Relaxation Be?


When I relax, I trend toward doing something mindless. Some of these activities (like 2 hours of Gilmore Girls) are fine in moderation, but sometimes it’s just a method of escapism. Practicing mindfulness helps me engage in more intentional relaxation.  Unfortunately I can’t avoid every problem, uncomfortable thought, or stressful situation. The ability to calmly pass through these situations, thoughts, and feelings is something I aspire to.

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Favorite Blogs & Why I Read Them

My Favorite Blogs & Why You Should Read Them


Want to know how I got into reading blogs? If not, too bad.

If you’re reading this, you didn’t close out the window. Thank you and yes, my jokes are always this good 🙂

It all began one lunch break when I decided I was going to have an Odwalla smoothie instead of eating food because of a food allergy that made my mouth hurt. I thought a smoothie would be soothing and when I went to the drugstore to pick one out, there were about 20 options. I decided to google “Is Odwalla healthy” because I was having a nostalgic moment where I missed Ask Jeeves and that awesome butler who figured out how to turn my questions into reliable search terms. RIP Ask Jeeves. You are now and lame.

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