I’ve been a little MIA lately. Like 2 months MIA. The good news is that it’s because I got a new job! Man, new jobs are tough. The fact that that’s one of the first things I say might make me a pesimist. If I were an optimist, I would say, new jobs are challenging but exciting! I dislike the first few weeks (or months, depending on the job) because I constantly feel like I’m being evaluated and that they’re testing me out to see what I’m capable of. In reality, it’s also a test period for me. If the employer is going to be unreasonable, this is my chance to get out without wasting too much of my time and energy on a job that probably won’t be worth it. My anxiety has been pretty high lately and I forgot how taxing new jobs are. It takes so much more energy when you’re learning a lot of new stuff. You’re also stepping into figuring out who you ask about what and what the hierarchy is. Who is rigid and who’s easy-going. Who it is and isn’t ok to piss off. Seriously. At my last job I used to be so worried when a client would be irritated with me and it wasn’t until I worked there for a few months that I had the confidence to know that everyone was supportive and had my back with unreasonable clients. Looking back, I remind myself that even if they hadn’t had my back, I should feel confident enough to set reasonable boundaries. You can only do so much and with experience comes more confidence.

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