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Month: March 2015

How to Use Your Personality to Your Advantage in a Job Interview

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When you interview for a potential job, they’re looking at more than your skills and what’s listed on your résumé. They want to know if you’ll fit in at the office and the qualities you offer. Someone gave me advice for job interviews that I found very useful. They said to be sure to do two things to prepare for your interview. First, read over the job description and think of talking points that relate to the job’s duties and qualifications. For example if it says “attention to detail” think of a situation where you paid attention to detail and it helped the office. Second, think of problems the office likely faces and how you would contribute. For example if it’s a job at a law office, they’re probably busy and deadlines are important, so you would want to emphasize your time management skills (with specific examples  – do you make lists? schedule things on the calendar so they get done?  how do you prioritize? ) and attention to detail. So below is a breakdown of traits specific to the Meyers-Briggs Type Indicators, Introvert or Extrovert, Intuitive or Sensing, Thinking or Feeling, and Judging or Perceiving and the qualities they encompass, which are listed below each type. Hopefully the ideas below will get you thinking about how your personality is a good fit for the job you’re applying for and about how to highlight these qualities in an interview.

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Have You Ever Heard of Vanuatu?

Have You Heard of Vanuatu

I was watching CNN with my dad last night when The Wonder List came on. Supposedly the host of The Wonder List, Bill Weir, is being groomed to supersede Anthony Bordain’s show if and when the time comes. Bill’s show reminds of No Reservations with Anthony Bourdain and Earth: A New Wild with Dr. M. Sanjayan. These shows capture parts of the world that are interesting and delve into the deeper infiltrating issues, such as culture, environmental conservation, religion, and politics.

This episode of The Wonder List explored Vanuatu, which inspired Bill after he saw a photo taken by Jimmy Nelson for a project titled “Before They Pass Away.” Jimmy Nelson is a photographer who worked in commercial advertising but left to travel the world for three years and photograph indigenous tribes. His work has been criticized for capitalizing on indigenous people and for its potentially fictionalized portrayal of their cultures. Some of the people he photographed wore things that they tended only to wear for tourists. He’s also been accused of glossing a lot of the issues tribal people are facing, such as theft of their territory and resources. Continue reading