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If You Could Speak at the Oscars What Would You Say?

If you could speak at the oscars, what would you say

I saw a post from The Write Practice about Oscar winners getting a minute or more to say pretty much whatever they want to a theater full of influential people, not to mention millions watching on TV. I watched part of the Oscars, but it’s so dang long. I liked a few of Neil Patrick Harris’ jokes, but a number of them fell flat, which is unusual because I think he’s hilarious.

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What You Haven’t Been Told About I Am Legend

What You Haven't Been Told About I Am Legend

I Am Legend is a good movie, probably in my top ten favorites. It’s both sci-fi and dystopian, sharing elements of films like Children of Men and The Beach. I Am Legend is particularly interesting because it’s based on a 1954 horror fiction novel of the same title.

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Weekly Wishes #2

 Weekly Wishes #2

This is my second round of Weekly Wishes courtesy of The Nectar Collective. Feel free to click the button below if you would like to join in. Let’s hop to it.
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Why I’ll Never Be Tan

Why I'll Never Be Tan

My sister will be vacationing in Mexico this month and I’m  jealous. Every year around January, most people in the Northern Hemisphere are ready for spring, longer days, and plenty any amount of sunshine they can get. The other day I realized I’ve never really taken a beach vacation. All my vacations have involved a lot of sight-seeing with a little relaxation thrown in, but I’ve never been to Hawaii, Mexico, or anywhere sunny and sandy.

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That Time I Went To a Writer’s Workshop & Conference

Seattle 7 Writer's Conference Review

On Saturday I went to to a writer’s conference and workshop called Write Here Write Now organized by Seattle7Writers. It included a series of 6 fast-paced 10-minute mini-lessons, followed by 45 minutes of writing, and the opportunity for a 15 minute one-on-one author conference.

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