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Month: January 2015

Four Skin Care Tips You Haven’t Heard Before

Four Skin Care Tips You Haven't Heard Before

People offer skin tips a lot, but sometimes they seem self-righteous. I’ve seen people who don’t take care of their skin and have a gorgeous complexion and I’ve seen people with a poor complexion who really knock themselves out to do everything in their power to improve their skin. Here are four things that helped me.


I’m a firm believer that 75% of skin problems are hormone related. I have no medical training, so that’s not a fact and you should consider talking to a doctor and figuring out what is best for you.

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The #1 Way to Improve Your Commute


#1 Way to Improve Your Commute

I live in a city where traffic is inevitable. The city’s plan is to put more money into public transportation, but that doesn’t work if it takes me 4 busses and 2 hours to get somewhere I could drive to in half that time. Time is money people.

I am sometimes short-tempered at times and driving is frustrating. There is always a jerk who does something irritating. I’m sure I’m that driver that has irritated others too, but I’ve never been in an accident in my twelve-ish years of driving, so I generally consider myself a decent driver.

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What I’ve Been Reading

Books That Shed Light

I’ve tried to read more because I absolutely love reading. I figure that’s a pretty good reason. It is the best escape and it also supercharges my brain. Somehow reading relaxes my brain and me in general. I love thinking about things I know nothing about or considering something from a new point of view. It’s kind of like when I saw The Hurtlocker. I couldn’t truly understand why soldiers want to go back into combat until I saw that movie. Somehow books bring the world to life for me. Which is odd considering it’s a form of escapism and not a direct experience. It’s more like experience life through another person’s lens, which might be more interesting than my own. There are an embarrassing number of book samples on my Kindle that I want to read. Then I see all the titles and get overwhelmed and can’t decide. But here are some gems that made their way into my hands and that I found particularly illuminating.

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The Problem with Miss America Hint: It’s Not What You Think

The Problem with Ms. America (Hint It's Now What You Think)

I stumbled upon a video via Facebook when I was doing important things wasting time on the internet. It’s both humorous and makes valid points, though it’s not making fun of the contestants. I hate it when that happens. As John Oliver points out, they ask women to answer incredibly complex questions in twenty seconds in front of a TV crew, a panel of judges, which included Ian Ziering from 90210 & Sharknado. They ask one woman about the threat of ISIS and what our country’s response should be. Her answer was essentially that the U.S. shouldn’t face this alone, but rather the U.N. should come together as a larger organization. She was certainly more articulate than I would have been when put on the spot in a similar situation.

John points out that Miss America can’t be married and she can’t be pregnant or have ever been pregnant. Interesting. Think about this and I’ll come back to it in a minute.

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New Year’s Goals (Not Resolutions)

New Year's Goals

In my experience many people are usually pretty firmly for or against New Year’s Resolutions. I like them, but I recognize how by mid-February it’s time for a check in. Sometimes these goals need some editing. Either they are worth keeping or they need to change or be done away with. So here are some of my goals that I’m struggling with working on.

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